Mouthwash available in the market may eliminate bad breath for a short amount of time; but also it might be doing more harm than good. There are proven studies, that daily washing with commercial mouthwash can make teeth more sensitive as it can erode layer of dental enamel.

You can make your own non-toxic mouthwash in the comfort of your home. It’s simple and not expensive. Since you made it by yourself, you know exactly what is the content in bottle and what goes into your mouth.

You need:
Distilled or filtered water – ½ cup
Baking soda – 2 tsp
Peppermint essential oil – 2 drops
Tea tree essential oil- 2 drops

The steps:
Mix all the ingredients in a container with tight lid. Shake the container until all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly and store it.
Before each use, be sure to shake your mouthwash to redistribute the baking soda. Make only small quantity as much as you need for a short time. Create fresh always.

Tea tree essential oil is beneficial in taking care of complete oral health.
Peppermint essential oil is antiseptic and beneficial in treating tooth pain and eliminates bad breath.
Baking soda, with water, becomes alkalized and benefits sensitive teeth.