BhagavatGita – is a classic example of a counseling session between Shri Krishna and warrior Arjuna.

It starts with;

Madhyama Pandava & great warrior Arjuna (WE) accepting Shri Krishna (BHAGAVANTHA / GOD) as his guru and requesting humbly to guide him.

“I am your disciple, Guide me, Help me”

And ends with Arjuna’s statement;

“Clouds have cleared; my senses are back, all your gift with my doubts vanished, Ready to act as you direct”


Battlefield (LIFE) and the criticality of the issue demands crisis intervention (TIME-BOUND).

Discussion summary:

• The natural inevitability of birth and death of life cycle

• Immortality of soul

• Performance of individual Dharma (RIGHT DUTY) otherwise running the risk of shame and public defame.


Removal of guilt and re-motivate for action.


1. Karma – Action / Duties of an individual,

2. Gnana Karma – Action based on knowledge acquired,

3. Nishkama Karma – Action performed without the greed of end result and

4. Akarma – never to have the choice of nonperformance of duty

Key take away:

You have the right only on Karma, Not on the end result of your work Never own responsibility to the result, Must never lose interest in work

Reference :

Psychotherapy – Insights from Bhagavad Gita