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In accordance with our objective, under nGage program, we try to study and analyse deep into number of intricacies or intertwined relationships between human connections with nature and make individuals aware of their missing links with nature. Understanding these intricacies and engaging back with nature as it should be, would make each one of us to attain general well-being naturally.

Thus under nGage program, we conduct various activities as follows:

  1. One to one counseling and follow up on adapting to natural lifestyle. After enrolling in this program, we will be assessing individual health / lifestyle on regular intervals and come up with some key inferences/reports. And based on those report, Ayuralaya initializes customized services and tools that will help them to lead healthy natural lifestyle.
  2. Team / group activities like nature walk to better understand our immediate surroundings and engaging with them on regular basis. Ecologists / experts take a walk with you and your team to consciously make you understand various aspects of nature immediately surrounding us.